The inexpensive animal-friendly solution for clearing mats and tangles!
Save it, don't shave it!
Now there's no need to shave down your client's beloved pet, with the Mat Magician!
This exclusive new grooming tool is uniquely designed to effortlessly slice through even the toughest mats, tangles, and undercoat. Fabulous on ears, skirts, feathers, tails, and legs without losing coat length. Say goodbye to tools that tug, pull and hurt dogs and cats! The Mat Magician is designed to be gentle on pets and safe for the groomer.

The Mat Magician - Invented by groomers for groomers! Be the talk of your clientele - you can save the furnishings of the dogs that otherwise would have to be shaved down! Save it, don't shave it!

I didn't even have to see a demo. As a groomer, I saw the value of this thing immediately!
About the Mat Magician

One of the hardest things for a groomer to do is tell a client that their precious pet is going to have to be shaved bald... there is no way to "save the coat". You don't have to do that anymore! You'll be known as "the groomer that can work miracles" with the
Mat Magician!

Mat Magician dematting toolThe Mat Magician is the most innovative dematting tool you will ever need or want to use again and again! The Mat Magician is completely disposable - with number of uses depending on the coat condition and the size of the dogs. When the blade becomes dull, just "toss it" and grab another one! Your clients will think it will take you all day, and you'll be able to de-mat these dogs in record time, thus doing more dogs and increasing your profits! Imagine what being able to keep skirts, ears, legs, feathers, and tails will do for your profits (not to mention your tips)!

Once you see how effortlessly and painlessly the Mat Magician cuts through mats, and the ease by which you'll be able to brush them out, you'll never go back to traditional dematting tools!
Mat Magician dematting toolThe Mat Magician's blade is uniquely sculpted and protected. There is virtually no way to cut the dog's skin or your hands and fingers! There is no need to no pull, tug, or hurt the dogs to get the mats out anymore!

Make room in your toolbox for the Mat Magician! It's the only dematting tool you'll ever need!
Save it, don't shave it with the Mat Magician!
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